We create marketing content that attracts, engages, persuades, entertains and sells.

Even with thirty years behind us, we still want each new project to outshine those before, with our greatest work always ahead. We never forget that clients don’t hire us for what we’ve done, but for what we’re capable of doing for them.



We write copy for all aspects of an organisation’s marketing communications – including websites, brochures, press releases, advertisements and more.


Video production

We create website explainer videos, advertisements, exhibition stand backdrops, tours, interviews and video tutorials – using live footage, animation and motion design.


Website design

We designed our first website over twenty years ago. Since then, we’ve created websites for organisations of all sizes across many market sectors.



From writing a single press release to creating comprehensive publicity campaigns, we help organisations to reach both customers and influencers in their market.


Content marketing

Content Productions helps organisations to create successful content-marketing strategies – building followings and creating customers.


Content creation

We can create almost any kind of marketing content – supporting your marketing team across a wide range of online and offline media.

Latest projects

Some of our latest video projects. We’ve been creating videos for websites and online marketing for over a decade.

Blue Eskimo and the LPI

Video advertisement (02:22)

We created this short video to showcase how Blue Eskimo uses the Capability Map – a brilliant initiative by The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute) – to transform how candidates are matched to L&D jobs.

Illumineye Digital Signage

Video advertisement (1:30)

We created this motion design advertisement as part of a global product launch for an International software company.

CRM Knowledge

Video advertisement (1:06)

This one-minute introduction is designed to quickly showcase the scope of CRM Knowledge’s service offerings in a fast-paced, exciting way.

Publications and free downloads

A range of marketing-focused publications, written to help others create great online content.

Is It News?

Available in print and on Kindle

Is It News? is a detailed, in-depth guide for anyone tasked with writing press releases – whether a publicity professional, marketer or small-business owner. Based on the authors’ combined sixty years’ experience, Is It News? tackles the subject in rare depth – providing a comprehensive, practical, logical and understandable framework for dependable publicity success. This book can transform the way in which you write press releases, and the results you get from them.

Content Comes First

Free downloads

More website visitors means more customers, right? Not unless they’re the right kind of visitors – people who have a real interest in your products and services. To attract those people, and keep them coming back, means putting content first.

Ask Yourself This

Free downloads

When creating content, it’s always important to challenge yourself, your ideas and their execution. ‘Ask Yourself This’ is a checklist of twenty-five questions, to help you validate whether your content makes the grade.

Content manifesto

Free downloads

Our content manifesto encapsulates how we think, what we believe and how we work. It’s not a manifesto for everyone (although others can borrow, use and improve it), it’s our personal, professional ethos.