Meet the team

Content Productions boasts a strong, experienced, content-creation team. Our skills range from the strategic to the practical, from the technical to the creative – delivering copywriting, photography, design, voice-over, video and e-learning, as discrete projects or as part of a cohesive website-content/content-marketing strategy.

Business principal

Content Productions was founded by, and is managed by, Peter Labrow – a marketing professional with over thirty years’ experience.

Peter Labrow

Peter Labrow

Creative lead

Peter is the lead consultant on all of our projects. He’s a proven marketing strategist but also a great all-round content-creator – he’s adept at design, a strong art director and a skilled copywriter. He’s also written a top-selling novel and co-written Is It News? – a detailed, in-depth guide for anyone tasked with writing press releases

Creative team

Our small but perfectly formed creative team provides the talent behind our content-marketing output – they’re experienced professionals, specialists in their own fields.

Andy - videographer



Andy is our lead video camera operator, responsible for much of the live footage in our videos – he’s also been the tour photographer with rock band The Alarm (and the solo tours of its lead singer Mike Peters) for the last five years.

Emma - voice-over



Emma is one of the UK’s leading voice-overs. Her work includes website videos, radio station identities, radio and television advertisements, in-store announcements and narration for e-learning. Emma also played the voice of the Starship Avalon, in the Oscar-nominated 2016 movie Passengers.

Gavin - 3D artist


3D artist

Gavin is an experienced and talented 3D artist, whose high-resolution, computer-generated images have appeared online, in product designs, in print (including for books, the Radio Times and Doctor Who Magazine) and on television.

Martin - website developer


Website developer

Martin develops many of our content-managed websites, using the Perch and Perch Runway content-management systems. Highly experienced, he’s developed websites both large and small for a wide range of sectors.

Rich - voice-ove



Rich is an award-winning British voice-over. His work includes website videos, radio, TV, cinema, telephone on-hold messages, event announcements, talking toys – even computer games.

Rob - publicity consultant


Publicity consultant

Rob provides insight and strategy on many of our clients’ publicity campaigns. Rob’s great at getting to the heart of what makes a news story stand out. Rob also runs his own successful newswire.

Support team

Our support team keeps the business running smoothly and is key to helping us get projects out on time in the best possible way.



Proofreader and copyeditor

Claire’s the safety net beneath our copywriting – the person who checks our output and corrects it where it’s needed. She’s a professional proofreader who works with many high-profile clients – she also helps with research projects and other background activities.



Financial director

Ruth’s job is to manage the administrative aspects of our business. Ruth has a great eye for detail and keeps our back office running smoothly.