Video portfolio

Our video portfolio includes live footage, interviews, animation and motion graphics. In addition to working for our own clients, we also provide titling, editing and motion graphics for other creatives.

Video advertisements

Clients hire us to create video advertisements for social media, advertising campaigns or as snappy overviews for their websites.

CRM Knowledge

Video advertisement (1:06)

This one-minute introduction is designed to quickly showcase the scope of CRM Knowledge’s service offerings in a fast-paced, exciting way.

Illumineye Digital Signage

Video advertisement (2:26)

We created this motion graphics advertisement as part of a global product launch for an international software company.

Learning News

Video advertisement (0:37)

This is one of a series of four advertisements for a sector-specific newswire, created as a campaign themed around core topics, designed to reach viewers of a Web-based television channel.

Mark Dando

Video portfolio (2:00)

We created this video portfolio to showcase exhibition and conference projects, for some of the world’s leading brands, which were designed and project-managed by creative director Mark Dando.

Skills for Security

Video advertisement (0:56)

This video was just one part of a national advertising campaign we delivered for a UK government skills agency, targeted at both apprentices and potential employers.

Skills Shift

Video advertisement (00:54)

We created this video advertisement to promote a new online learning programme – aimed at people who need to manage distributed homeworking teams – from this management training company.

Explainer videos

These explainer videos are our clients’ elevator pitches for their business, products and services – designed to provide a solid introduction in just a few minutes.


Explainer video (1:40)

A motion graphics explainer video to help differentiate Bauhaus Recruitment to potential clients and candidates in a crowded marketplace.

Blue Eskimo

Explainer video (2:33)

We created this video as an introduction to potential clients and candidates, to position Blue Eskimo as the leading recruiter in the learning sector.


Explainer video (2:28)

This explainer video was part of the global launch for this thin-client migration software. We produced this video in English, French, German and Spanish.


Explainer video (1:48)

An organisation which helps educational organisations such as colleges and universities to perform better and increase compliance with regulatory bodies.

Fusion UEM

Explainer video (3:00)

This video was created as part of a global device-management software launch. We produced English, French, German and Spanish versions of this video.

Futura candidates

Explainer video (2:01)

A motion graphics video aimed specifically at candidates – who, as recruiters themselves, aren’t always aware of the benefits of working with a recruitment-to-recruitment company.

Futura clients

Explainer video (2:08)

A motion graphics video delivered with a sense of fun. The graphical style was chosen to be consistent with the company’s client presentations.

Learning News

Explainer video (1:21)

An introductory video to position the benefits of using this sector-specific newswire to reach the media and other influencers.


Explainer video (2:56)

Video provides the ideal means to consistently position a sophisticated and unusual business to potential clients within the financial services sector.

Peace of Mind

Explainer video (1:29)

This video positions a service aimed at financial services providers and their customers. The service helps people find the right care home, or care at home for themselves or a loved one.

Pari Passu

Explainer video (2:01)

An elevator pitch which tells the story of why ‘finding the people that others can’t’ sets the company apart in a crowded recruitment market.


Explainer video (3:31)

Showcasing a calibration laboratory’s services to clients and potential clients, this video was shot on location, using members of the ServiceCal team.

Skills Shift

Explainer video (2:13)

Outlining how this training company helps to lead organisations through inevitable but often unforeseen change.

Taylor Wimpey

Explainer video (1:47)

A video to introduce a pension survey programme, designed to set people at ease and explain why the survey would be of benefit.

VXL Technology

Explainer video

For one of the world’s leading manufacturers of thin-client computers, we created this explainer, using live footage, titles, motion graphics and 3D animation.

Tours and interviews

Sometimes, the best way to position an organisation is to let the organisation itself do the talking.

Code Resources

Video tour (1:23)

To help this video feel like ‘part of the business’ the narration was undertaken by one of the business leaders, incorporated with footage shot by ourselves along with stock footage.

St Rocco’s Hospice

Video tour (4:28)

Many people have negative preconceptions of what a hospice is like. We produced this video tour for St Rocco’s Hospice in Warrington. Presented by the clinical lead at the hospice, the video helps patients and their carers get a better feel for the hospice.

Wigan & Leigh Hospice

Video tour

The aim was for viewers to feel that they were ‘meeting’ the video’s presenter and having a tour of the hospice. Hospices face a unique marketing challenge – as end-of-life care is often perceived negatively; the video was part of a process to address this.

Community care

Video interview (2:58)

To help people discover how much of the hospice’s care is provided within the community, the community care manager describes the work of her team.

Nicola’s story

Video interview (3:46)

Nicola Smith, the daughter of a patient at Wigan & Leigh Hospice, shares her experiences in this moving video. Nicola was keen for others to understand just what a difference the hospice made to her mother’s end of life.

Skills for Security

Video interview

This video interview with the chief executive of a government skills body was designed to overcome some common misconceptions about apprenticeships.

Blue Eskimo survey results

This video was created to provide the results of Blue Eskimo’s work and salary survey, a research programme undertaken on Blue Eskimo’s behalf by Content Productions.

Learning Awards

Event review (6:57)

We produced this highlights video for the Learning Awards 2019, for The Learning & Performance Institute. Footage was shot by us, by Learning News and by the events company Qu2. The video editing, sound design and titling was by us.

Music videos

We’ve loved making these music videos for a range of Manchester-based performers, singer-songwriters and bands.

Becky Higg – This is Grace

Music video (3:59)

We created this video for the title track of Becky’s album ‘This is Grace’. The video was shot over several sessions, both in the studio and outside, and uses a little stock video to complement the shot footage.

Coroner for the Police – Born Liar

Music video (4:10)

We shot this video during the studio recording sessions for this band’s first EP, with a few pick-up shots later to help keep the pace of the video moving.

Claire Mooney – Forget-Me-Not

Music video (5:16)

We shot this video over three days in Manchester’s beautiful Southern Cemetery for singer-songwriter Claire Mooney. The song reflects on how mortality delivers equality; it was shot entirely on an iPhone as a production challenge.

Titles and backgrounds

A collection of opening titles for clients to use on their own videos – and backgrounds for exhibition stand video panels and video walls.

Learning News

Online news opening titles (0:18)

We created this eighteen-second introduction for Learning News’ online news review – a round-up of recent news in the learning sector.

Bright Matter

Exhibition stand background (5:05)

This video (without sound) was created to loop as a backdrop for the company’s exhibition stand – providing a rolling overview of the company’s services.