25 questions to help you craft better content

Download our quick-to-read guide, which offers real-world challenges to help you create content that will attract and engage readers – and not just wash over them.

A practical content-creation checklist

It’s not always easy to be objective when you’re creating content. How can you be sure that it will hit the mark? That people will like it? We’ve published a 25-point checklist to help you.

Ask Yourself This

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The creative process is one with a reputation for inspiration. That may be so, but it’s also one where a degree of rigour can really pay off. Falling into the trap of ‘create, deliver’ is easy, especially when time is tight. It’s not that quickly produced content is rubbish per se, but it can often be substantially improved. How? Usually with a few simple challenges.

How can you challenge your content?

Ask Yourself This provides twenty-five questions, each designed to hone a single aspect of your content. None of the questions are complex – but most are challenging. You can use as many of these as are relevant to your organisation – or use some of them as a starting point for your own checklist.

The goal: better content, better results

Ask Yourself This is written with a single goal in mind: to create better content – content that’s sharper, smarter, funnier, more relevant and more succinct. It’s not designed to change what you do or how you work, it’s intended to help you build on it; improve it. It’s not designed as a prescriptive definitive guide and it’s hoped that it will not only help others create better content – it will also help them to create their own checklists.

Ask Yourself This

In Ask Yourself This, Peter Labrow provides a content-creation checklist that’s practical, easy to use, flexible and useful for content creators from all walks of life.

Ask Yourself This is a quick read, expanding each question with enough rationale to demonstrate its value and purpose – without getting bogged down with unnecessary detail.

About the author

Peter Labrow is an experienced content-marketing specialist. With a career spanning over twenty-five years, Peter has created website content since the early days of the Web – including copy, images and video. Peter has worked with companies large and small to develop content-marketing strategies which are a perfect fit for them, with a specific focus on business-to-business and services organisations. He has also written a top-selling horror novel.