Free templates, to get you started

We’ve created these templates to help you prepare your press releases for distribution. They include not only a template for the press release itself, but also for contacting journalists, getting approvals and a handy checklist to use before publishing.

Is it News?

Is it News?


Despite having a reputation as one of marketing’s easier tasks, writing a truly great press release is actually one of its most challenging. The writer has just a few hundred words to convey all of a story’s essential facts in a way that engages the reader. This book helps everyone, from marketing professionals to business owners, to do just that.

Free downloads

You can download the templates free of charge; there’s no registration. You’re also free to adapt and change these as needed – they’re our starter for ten, you’re welcome to make them your own.

The complete pack

If you want to grab all of the templates, this complete pack gives you everything in one download.

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Press release

This template is a suggested press release template. Edit the template to suit your writing needs, and the requirements of your distribution.

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Checklist — taking the brief

This checklist is designed to help you gather the information you need in order to write a good, solid news story. The better the information you gather up front, the better the story.

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Approval for press release sign-off

This e-mail template is to be used to obtain people’s approval for the press release. There are two versions: the first assumes that sign-off is given if the recipient doesn’t respond; the second requires a response. Which you use depends on your organisation.

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External approval for press release sign-off

This template is designed to help get third-party (external) approvals before publishing – something which should be handled with both respect and rigour.

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Requesting mailing list opt-in

This e-mail template is to be used when requesting people’s permission to send your press releases to them.

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Sending an unsolicited press release

This e-mail template is to be used when sending an unsolicited press release to someone – and asking them to opt in to your mailing list.

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Opt-out follow-up

This e-mail template is to be used when following up an opt-out from your mailing list.

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Preflight checklist

It’s never too late. Use a preflight checklist based on this one to assess whether your story is good to go, or could be improved.

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