Welcome to the hospice

A brief introduction to the hospice

This explainer video was designed to give a friendly overview of the hospice and its services. The aim was for people to feel that they were ‘meeting’ the video’s presenter and having a tour of the hospice. Hospices face a unique marketing challenge – as end-of-life care is often perceived negatively; the video was part of a process to address this.

Nicola’s story

What the hospice means to patients and carers

Nicola Smith, the daughter of a patient at Wigan & Leigh Hospice, shares her experiences in this moving video. Nicola was keen for others to understand just what a difference the hospice made to her mother’s end of life.

Community care

How care is provided within the community

To help people discover how much of the hospice’s care is provided within the community, the community care manager describes the work of her team.

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Work undertaken includes:

  • Video production
  • Website design