Introduction to the hospice

A brief video to ‘welcome people to the hospice’

Hospices have a uniquely difficult message to deliver – end-of-life care is something few want to think about and most are afraid of. We were asked to create a video which ‘brought people into the hospice’ to show that it’s not the frightening place that some suppose – and to show the sheer range of the hospice’s services.

Helping St Rocco’s Hospice

A brief video to encourage people to help the hospice

Hospices are charities – usually with the majority of funding coming from fundraising. Also, many services, events and activities cannot be delivered without the support of unpaid volunteers. We created a video to show just how much the hospice depends on the help of others – and encourage them to donate some time, or money.

Website design

A fully content-managed website

St Rocco's Hospice website

We designed and project-managed the creation of a new website for the hospice. All aspects of the website are now managed by the hospice through the content-management system.

Go to the St Rocco’s Hospice website

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Work undertaken includes:

  • Marketing consulting
  • Video production
  • Website design