Introductory video

A short, quick-paced video to introduce Pari Passu

This succinct video tells the story of how Pari Passu works – why ‘finding the people that others can’t’ sets the company apart in a crowded recruitment market.

Website design and content

Updated website and marketing proposition

Pari Passu website

We were asked to help Pari Passu elevate and redefine its marketing proposition – creating a far more assertive message, backed up by a new, punchy website design.

Go to the Pari Passu website

Team photos

Promotional images for marketing

We photographed Pari Passu’s team, to provide high-quality, consistent images for use on the website and social media.

Corporate identity

Pari Passu mug

We created a new corporate identity for Pari Passu, including a logo and colour scheme, to be used across the business.

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Work undertaken includes:

  • Video production
  • Website design