Introductory video

A brief video to introduce Code Resources

We created this introductory video to convey the company’s key strengths quickly to website visitors. We wanted the video to feel like ‘part of the business’ so the presentation was undertaken by one of the business leaders, incorporated with footage shot by ourselves at the Code Resources office and stock footage to provide greater context. We also created the animated logo sequence.

Website design and content

Content-managed and ‘self-managed’ website

Code Resources website

As a busy company, it was important to Code Resources that as little time be spent updating the website as possible. So, the job information comes directly from Code Resources’ internal candidate-management system – which is integrated live with the website. Candidates can search and browse for jobs, and apply online. They can also sign up for regular e-mail updates, when new jobs are added.

While the job advertisements are created live by the Code Resources team, the website’s positioning pages were written by us.

Go to the Code Resources website


Social media profile images

We photographed the Code Resources team, so that the company could use consistent, high-quality profile images across social media websites such as LinkedIn.

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Work undertaken includes:

  • Video production
  • Website design