Some say that traditional marketing – the interruption of conversations, rather than creating or participating in them – is dead. They say that social media and content marketing are the only way forward.

Sorry, but we don’t buy into that. Great paintings need more than one colour of paint.

Content creation may be what we do, but it would be disingenuous to claim that advertising no longer works. Or direct mail. Or promotions. Or exhibitions.

Sure, we believe that great content should be the beating heart of any joined-up marketing strategy, but we don't believe that it's where marketing starts or ends. It’s part of the mix.

Content marketing is definitely changing what marketing is, but it’s not wiping the slate clean. Radio did not destroy the book; television did not destroy radio; the Internet has not destroyed television.

New media creates changes, but that doesn’t mean that it entirely unseats all that went before. Ignore other forms of marketing at your own peril.

A strong marketing strategy considers not only content, but also about the ways in which potential customers can be reached. The Internet isn’t the only way. Nor do many companies have ‘one audience’. The best ways to reach different communities may well differ.