Content Comes First

  • By: Peter Labrow
  • Free download

More website visitors means more customers, right? Not unless they’re the right kind of visitors – people who have a real interest in your products and services. To attract those people, and keep them coming back, means putting content first.

  • Why a ‘search-engine ranking problem’ is more often a content-marketing problem
  • Why having lots of website visitors doesn’t mean you’ll have lots of online customers
  • What Google says about prioritising content-creation over search-optimisation
  • What visitors want from you and your website

Ask Yourself This

  • By: Peter Labrow
  • Free download

When creating content, it’s always important to challenge yourself, your ideas and their execution. ‘Ask Yourself This’ is a checklist of twenty-five questions, to help you validate whether your content makes the grade.

  • Why challenge yourself?
  • Is your free content good enough for sale?
  • Would somebody share your content?
  • What do you want people to remember?
  • Can it be simpler?

Content manifesto

  • By: Peter Labrow
  • Free download

Our content manifesto encapsulates how we think, what we believe and how we work. It’s not a manifesto for everyone (although others can borrow, use and improve it), it’s our personal view.

  • Why should content creators have a manifesto?
  • Why should you not simply recycle others’ content?
  • Why should marketing content have commercial real value?
  • Why you should ditch SEO and create content instead.
  • Why content should work everywhere.