Google is now incorporating tweets into its search results – as they happen. Tweets have always been fair game to come up in Google searches, but until now there’s been a delay before they’re ranked. Sometimes a fairly long one.

Just from the perspective of the volume of data, this is huge. After all, there are around 500 million tweets a day for Google to absorb. Even with people searching Google at around 40,000 times per second, that’s a lot of information.

Sure, this helps Google provide relevance to happening events. Twitter responds fast to news, for example, and Google wants to represent this. In real time.

However, don’t expect those tweets to stick around in the search results – and don’t expect something to appear ‘just because you tweeted’. Google doesn’t work like that. Tweets will appear momentarily – or longer if people retweet or link back to them – and the law of popularity will still prevail. Which is to say, Stephen Fry’s tweets will pretty much appear there – and ours pretty much won’t.

To get some success here, you need to be using Twitter well – have a strong following and be pushing out unique, good content. Churning click-bait and resharing nonsense won’t cut it.

Clever Google: they’re again guiding (or pushing, depending on your view) people away from SEO tricks and into solid content strategies. To get Google results from Twitter, you’ll need to be good at using Twitter. No free ride, folks.

So what about this is a bigger deal than it looks?

This is just one more Google initiative which is changing the face of search. In many ways, people’s view about search is already outdated – that there is a ‘top’ that needs to be ‘reached’ and ‘maintained’.

Expect this notion to be washed away. The ‘top’ is relative, depending on where you are, which device you are using, what’s happening in the world – and more. Therefore, the idea of reaching the ‘top’ and ‘maintaining’ that position is a non sequitur. It’s a movable feast; an unachievable goal.

Google is pushing people away from inactivity. To get to the top, you’ll need to earn it – and work increasingly hard to stay there, as Google continually whittles away at the tricks of the SEO industry. At the end of the day, only those with real content marketing strategies will be on the radar.

It’s not just ‘a big deal’ – it’s the biggest deal there is.