Perch and Perch Runway

Powerful, simple content management for all sizes of websites.

Website content-management

Companies want to update their own website, but they don’t want to become technical experts. With Perch, you don’t need to.

Perch and Perch Runway

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Perch makes updating your own website a snap. There’s no software to install (you simply login using your browser) and it’s quick to learn. But don’t let that fool you – Perch is powerful enough to grow with you. We’ve used Perch on everything from one-page websites for small businesses, right up to large, multi-functional websites for global organisations. And you can start with Perch and upgrade easily to Perch Runway later, should you need to.

Perch and Perch Runway key features

  • Suitable for websites both small and large, with a simple upgrade path from Perch to Perch Runway.
  • Easy-to-use interface, with a logical ‘tree’ structure which matches the folders and pages on the website.
  • Add, delete and change pages as required.
  • Construct pages from different page elements – you’re not tied to one fixed layout.
  • Powerful rich-text editing.
  • Built-in asset management for images and downloads.
  • Uses proven PHP and MySQL technologies.
  • Add-on apps available for forms, blogs, members, podcasts, comments and more.
  • Extremely search-engine friendly – generates very clean HTML and fully supports essential SEO features such as page titles, meta descriptions and XML sitemaps.
  • Members app allows website visitors to sign up for restricted, password-protected content – and/or receive updates via e-mail.
  • Manage website editors – and choose what they can edit, and what they can’t.
  • Configurable dashboard to see ‘what’s new’ on your website.
  • Easy integration with third-party services such as Akismet, MailChimp and PayPal.