Great words, sharp ideas

Great copy is far more than a collection of words. Sharp ideas and illustrative concepts make the complex simple; they grab attention and drive home the message – quickly.

Writing words that work

We write marketing copy that captures readers with arresting ideas, conveys detail with clarity and delivers information succinctly. We take your stories and tell them in a way that’s interesting and relevant to others – often building around a central, immediate idea that resonates with the reader. Our job is to make what your company does, the products and services it provides, not just interesting, but absorbing. Powerful. Pertinent. Memorable. Thought-provoking. Amusing. We’ve been putting words to work for over thirty years, writing everything from advertisements to books.

Great words, sharp ideas

Outstanding copy, for everything marketing

We write copy for every kind of marketing, advertising and publicity project.

From advertisements to videos

Words are at the heart of almost every marketing medium – even infographics. We create concepts and write copy for everything marketing, including advertisements, advertorials, annual reports, articles,  brochures, case studies, e-mailers, infographics, leaflets, newsletters, press releases, social media content, videos, white papers – and more. Highly experienced, our main copywriter also has extensive journalism experience (largely for business-to-business magazines) and has written both fiction and non-fiction books.

Building content strategies

Understanding your needs

We work with clients to fully understand their business, its products and its services. We then communicate those in a way which is direct, approachable and succinct.

Communication based on understanding

To write effective copy, we know that we need to understand our clients. We spend time really getting to know what our clients do; how they operate; what they offer – their services, markets, culture, customers and competition. When we write, we write for them. So when their customers visit their website, our words don’t just inform – they connect.

Understanding your needs

Website copywriting

We write website copy that’s not just great for visitors, it’s great for search engines too.

Proven website copywriting experience

We’ve been writing copy for websites since 1996, primarily for business-to-business organisations, often in the services sector. We have a solid understanding of how website visitors interact with Web pages, and how search engines really work – enabling us to balance clarity of communications with search-engine friendliness. Website copywriting projects are planned and researched carefully, using tools such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, Google Search Console and Keyword Planner to develop an objective picture of the most useful language (phrases and keywords) for your website.

Search-engine friendly

Experience that delivers

Over thirty years’ experience, across a wide range of media.

More than just copywriting

We’ve been writing marketing and advertising copy for over thirty years. Our main copywriter, Peter, has over 50 recommendations for copywriting on LinkedIn, which puts him in the top 1% of copywriters in the UK for the site’s client endorsements. Peter’s writing experience also includes almost twenty-five years’ journalism for Haymarket Publications and writing a top-selling horror novel, The Well, which was rated ‘best Halloween read’ by readers on Goodreads. Peter is a Fellow of the Institute of Copywriting and a member of the Professional Copywriters’ Network. He is currently co-writing a book about publicity.

Experience that delivers