Content creation

Our name says it all: Content Productions. We’re specialists in creating all kinds of marketing content.

From copywriting to video production

We’re a team of specialist content creators – able to handle everything from a single job through to a complete campaign, including copywriting, graphic design, video and multimedia production, photography, graphics and motion graphics, audio and more. We work with organisations to help them devise, plan and execute content-marketing strategies that are a perfect fit for their business. We’re experienced consultants, used to working at a senior level within organisations of every size, and have a proven track record of delivering successful marketing solutions.

From copywriting to video production

Video production

Video is easily the most engaging of marketing media. It’s powerful: able to communicate rapidly. It’s flexible: as useful for quick explainer videos as it is for in-depth tutorials.

We provide a complete video-creation service – from initial ideas through to script, storyboard, filming, animation (including 3D), titles and final editing. We work on a range of projects, from explainer videos through to video tutorials – for organisations large and small, including a global computer manufacturer, leading charities and top e-learning companies.

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Since concepts and copy are at the heart of most communications strategies, copywriting is one of our core skills.

From concept to consonant

More than ‘just words’, professional copywriting can transform how effectively your marketing attracts, engages and absorbs an audience. We’ve been marketing copy for over thirty years. We’re skilled at understanding an organisation’s business, products and services – and then communicating those with clarity. Plus, we have a sound knowledge of how search engines work, so we’re adept at optimising website copy so your website can be easily found via search engines.

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Website design

We’ve been building websites since the earliest days of the Web – and specialise in content-managed websites using Perch and Perch Runway.

Business-to-business focus

We create more than just the content for websites – we also create the websites themselves. Our primary focus is for business-to-business organisations and companies in the charity sector, using the superb Perch content-management system (and its bigger brother, Perch Runway). We’re a registered Perch development company.

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Website design