Benefit from our expertise

When it comes to helping you communicate, we’re all on the same team.


We’ve – quite literally – written the book on publicity, with our book Is It News? We can help your marketing team to not only write far better press releases, but also work with the business to uncover news stories, work with stakeholders in a more productive way, understand how to measure the results from publicity, build a significantly bigger audience for your news, expand your distribution manyfold – and much more.

Helping you create better content

We’ve been creating marketing content for around thirty years – everything from press releases to videos. Your marketing teams can draw on that experience. We can help to build their skills, through structured training and informal coaching.


Just as we’ve helped organisations across many sectors, we can work with your marketing team to develop strategies for content, marketing and communications. Call this ‘coaching by doing’ – we work in a practical way, to understand your goals and issues now and to help you develop a marketing strategy for the future. 


Words play such an important role in an organisation’s success. We can work with your marketing team, to help them write stronger, more effective content. We coach them through what works and what doesn’t, mistakes to avoid and ways to best engage an audience. Our copywriting experience spans decades, encompassing news stories, advertising, mailers, video scripts, white papers, proposals, presentations – and long-form writing, both fiction and non-fiction. 

Video production

One of the most powerful ways to communicate with customers and prospects, video has become the cornerstone of modern marketing. If you want to move production values upwards, we can help. Video production is a key part of our business and we can transfer our skills and knowledge to you – everything from creating scripts to helping to select which editing software to use (and providing coaching on using it); finding cost-effective hardware that seriously ups your game; editing to tell a stronger story – and much more.

The skills you need

We explore the skills gap within your marketing team, to provide exactly the right skills for your organisation. We coach contextually, working wherever possible on live projects so you’re making progress on two fronts.