Blue Eskimo explainer

For recruitment company Blue Eskimo, we created a brief explainer video to introduce the company and its services (we also created a shorter, one-minute, version for online television channels).

Blue Eskimo survey results

Each year, we run a large market-research programme for Blue Eskimo to assess work and salary trends in the learning sector; the key results are presented using video (with the full results made available in PDF format, via the Blue Eskimo website).

VXL product explainer

For leading technology company VXL, we created a range of videos, in several languages (such as French, Spanish and German), to launch new software products worldwide – including this video, for the Fusion UDM Premium device-management suite.

MorganAsh financial research explainer

For financial research company MorganAsh, we created a video that demystifies the financial research process. It had been a real challenge for MorganAsh to explain this in an easy-to-understand, open and reassuring way.

MorganAsh data security explainer

For financial research company MorganAsh, we created a video to help customers to understand how security is engineered into every aspect of the company’s operations – a key concern within the financial research sector.

Training Press Releases explainer

For newswire Training Press Releases, we created an explainer video to position the company’s press release distribution service – and a shorter advertisement for online television channels.

Futura explainer

For recruitment company Futura, we created two explainer videos, one for clients and one for candidates – this one explains the company’s services from the candidates’ perspective. The animated videos needed to fit in with the company’s ‘fun to do business with’ ethos.

Pari Passu explainer

For skills resourcing company Pari Passu, we created a website explainer video to demonstrate the way in which the company works – which has some significant differences to mainstream recruitment.

St Rocco’s Hospice introduction

Hospices can have an uncomfortable reputation – something St Rocco’s Hospice wanted to dispel. We created two introductory videos, which allowed the hospice’s team to present their services – so that patients and carers could take a virtual step inside the hospice.

Wigan and Leigh Hospice carer interview

Nicola Smith, the daughter of a patient at Wigan & Leigh Hospice, shares her experiences in this moving video. Nicola was keen for others to understand just what a difference the hospice made to her mother’s end of life.

Code Resources explainer

We created this introductory video to convey the company’s key strengths quickly to website visitors. We wanted the video to feel like ‘part of the business’ so the presentation was undertaken by one of the business leaders, incorporated with footage shot by ourselves at the Code Resources office and stock footage to provide greater context.