Explainer videos

Website visitors want to know your story, but they’re short on time. So tell your story in the most efficient and effective way possible: using video.

Whether you need to demonstrate a product, describe a service, showcase a customer project or just provide an overview of your business, video is the ideal medium. Using images (live and/or animated), words (on-screen and/or spoken) and music, video can paint a picture more accurately, more quickly – and far more impressively. In just a minute or two, customers will readily absorb more information than by reading alone. They’re also far more likely to share it with others.

Video advertisements

Online advertising is an effective way to reach potential customers – and video advertisements make it even more effective.

Online video advertising is growing faster than most other forms of marketing – and with good reason. Highly effective, video advertisements can deliver a richer message, faster than any other medium. People are not only typically more receptive to video, they tend to be more willing to share the right kind of video content – especially advertisements which shock, inform or entertain. We can create video advertisements that are part of your content marketing strategy – feeding directly into your other content marketing activities.

Video case studies

Customer case studies can underpin your sales pitch – adding real-life, evidential validity to your marketing messages.

Telling people what you can do isn’t always as effective as telling them what you have done. A video case study can uniquely illustrate how your company really works. Seeing your products or services in use, listening to your team and to your customers – this can provide a far greater insight into the benefits you can deliver. Potential customers can gain a real, deep insight into what you do – an understanding that goes way beyond what sales-orientated marketing can deliver.

Video tours

Videos aren’t just great to deliver quick messages – they’re also the ideal way to showcase something more in-depth.

While website visitors typically want information to be delivered quickly, some messages can only be delivered at their own pace – telling a story more carefully, in more detail. This is especially true of ‘video tours’ of a business, which can give those customers who want it a more comprehensive overview of your business, its products or its services. Your own team or customers can add authenticity to your story, taking customers ‘behind the scenes’ of your business.